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Shipping, Return, and Exchange Policies

1. We will refund or replace items if they do not match the order or if they are packed in a different color or size due to stock variations.

2. If items break during shipping, we will either replace them or refund the money based on the customer’s submitted pictures, provided the items are in stock. Our team’s decision is final in this regard.

3. In the event that the client objects to any option or the color, shape, or size upon receiving the order, the customer must return the items to our warehouse. Replacement or refund will be subject to stock availability.

4. If, after dispatch, the buyer cancels or rejects the order during delivery (for paid orders), the delivery cost will be subtracted, and the remaining amount will be refunded.

5. The buyer must make an online payment before we can ship the goods if the pin code does not have a COD (Cash on Delivery) option.

6. We will put the order on hold if the customer does not respond to our support team’s call to confirm the order or if the contact information is incomplete.

7. Plants cannot be returned or refunded as we take great care when packing them. The customer bears the risk for any damages incurred during transit.

8. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we assume no liability for delays caused by courier services. Nevertheless, our support staff constantly assists in resolving any problems.

9. If you overpay the courier without checking the COD amount on the bill, we will not be held accountable.

10. The courier company makes three attempts to deliver the goods. If the customer does not receive the items, they will be returned to us. For paid orders, we deduct the delivery cost and return the remaining balance.

11. We will subtract the shipping cost and reimburse the remaining amount for paid orders in the event that the customer does not pick up the items (out of town).

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